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Community Calendar

Jan - Ice Skating on Swan Lake
- Russian Christmas
Feb - the Sitka Jazz Festival
- Banff Mountain Film Festival
Mar - Seward's Day
- Arti Gras
- Herring Sac Roe Fishery
Apr - Blesing of the Fleet
May - Sitka Seafood Festival
- Ocean Wave Quilt Show
- Salmon Derby - weekend #1
June - Salmon Derby #2
- Summer Music Festival
- Fine Arts Camp
July -  Fourth of July Parade
Aug - Little League Playoffs
Sep - Running of the Boots
Oct - Alaska Day
-Stardust Ball
Nov - Whalefest
Dec - Christmas Lights
- Holiday Fest

Special Events

An Eagle Release
Totem Pole Raising

Sitka Activities

Welcome to Historic Sitka, the ORIGINAL capital city of Alaska.  This is where the transfer of Alaska from Russia to the United States took place in 1867, and where the statehood ceremony took place in 1958.

Sitka has its roots in the original native Tlinget culture and in the Russian fur trading frenzy set off by the Vitus Bering expedition of 1741.  By the early 1800's, Sitka had become the capital of Russian America.

But by 1867, with the sea otter population nearly depleted, Russia sold its interest in Alaska to the United States.  Thirty years later, "Seward's Folly", as critics often referred to it, would turn into Gold Fever.   And through it all, Sitka remained the capital of Alaska.

When Alaska became the 49th U.S. State on October 18th, 1958, the ceremony took place on Sitka's Castle Hill.  Sitka remained the capitol of the State of Alaska until 1906.  Alaska Day is still celebrated in grand style each year.

Sitka's role in history and its diverse community offer visitors many different things to do.